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Chef Koveos Kostas - Enigma Premium Flavored Evoo

chef kovaios kostas pork executive enigma
'Taygetos & Olympus' 

Tagliata Olympus black pork, parmesan risotto, King Oyster mushrooms,
sweet potato chips and Enigma premium gourmet olive oil.

    Impressions from taste professionals !   

Executive Chef Koveos Kostas, comments for Enigma Premium Flavored Evoo:

An enigmatic olive oil the you discover gradually and makes you adore it.
A few drops at the finishing stage of the dish, is sufficient to give the aromatic touch which makes the difference.
Aromas of honey, apple and cinnamon which linger, and combines the modern trends with traditional gastronomy.
Innovation at its best!"

 kostas chef kovaios executiveenigma flavored evoo premium oil ελαιόλαδο αρωματικό

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