Chef Agious Spyros - Fyllikon First Harvest Organic Evoo

agious spyros chef executive contrast
" Contrast " 
Crispy octopus, simmered, savoro sauce with octopus ink, sea fennel in batter, aioli with Kozani saffron, accompanied by Fyllikon First Harvest organic olive oil.

Executive Chef Spyros Agious of The Olivar Suites - Corfu comments on Fyllikon First Harvest organic olive oil:

"Fruity, aromatic, pungent, unripe with an intense presence of aromas of freshly picked olives.
Bitter yet balanced, intricate, with fine texture and a long aftertaste.
One of the best I have tasted!

agious-spyros-chef-executive-1fyllikon first harvest organic evoo