Treasure Blend Gourmet Flavored Evoo - Olive Oil Jewels

DescriptionThe olive oil "jewel" Treasure blend evoo, belongs to the category of multicultural gourmet olive oils, where, with the rare combination of its ingredients and the global uniqueness in its production, it is a taste experience of high gastronomy, a delicious journey into the flavors of the world, with peppery notes.

Treasure blend evoo is one of the top multi-varietal olive oil "jewels" of the new series of innovative olive oils, by Sakellaropoulos organic farms, called "Olive Oil Jewels".

Its great uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only olive oil in the world that contains eleven (11) ingredients, with a special pluralism of flavors and aromas.  


Premium Line Olive Oil Jewels

The definition of peppery and spicy olive oil

Sakellaropoulos organic farms were the first in Greece to officially produce premium gourmet 100% naturally flavored olive oils with innovation and specialized expertise, since 1992, combining the rare natural ingredients, from all over the world, in olive oil.

They produce the top multi-varietal olive oils "jewels", of high gastronomy that have the registered name "Olive Oil Jewels" and the quality seal of Sakellaropoulos organic farms.

Treasure premium flavored evoo peppers lime lemongrass melegueta pink guinea grains of paradise olive oilThe series "Olive Oil Jewels" is the leading creative expression of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, expanding new tasting horizons for Greek olive oil as a proposal of high gastronomy.

In 2022, with exclusively vertical self-production (single estate), innovative methods, combined with the tradition of the land but also with rare gourmet ingredients of excellent raw material from specific terroirs of the world, the olive oil "jewel" Treasure blend evoo was created for the first time, belonging to the category of the gourmet Olive Oil Jewels.

Treasure, as an Olive Oil Jewel, with peppery and spicy notes, is a delicious peppery and spicy gourmet olive oil experience, where with the rare combination of its ingredients and the specialized uniqueness in its production, it invites you on a journey into the flavors of the world of high gastronomy.

It belongs to the category of spicy gourmet 100% natural flavored olive oils and is very different from the olive oils with additives, artificially flavored, known internationally as infused olive oils that are commonly marketed.

The production methodology that we have developed for many years at Sakellaropoulos organic farms is natural, innovative, requires a high level of expertise and combines fresh natural ingredients of globally recognized quality, from many continents.

The result is a gourmet olive oil, an olive oil "jewel", which combines many natural ingredients in olive oil and highlights many culinary creations, based on the quality of the raw material, the balance of taste in its ingredients and their proper management.

Its uniqueness also lies in the fact that it does not consist of a single ingredient, in relation to most aromatic olive oils on the market, but of a mixture of eleven (11) ingredients that each offers, balanced and in different stages, the aromas and the flavors in a unique way, opening new tasting horizons in Greek olive oil.

The ingredients of the peppery gourmet flavored olive oil "jewel" Treasure blend evoo, from which the very high degree of difficulty in its production lies, are:

Treasure premium flavored evoo peppers lime lemongrass melegueta pink guinea grains of paradise olive oil Initially, the combination of the five (5) different olive varieties it contains. Olives of Koroneiki, Athinoelia, Koutsouroelia, Kalamata and Mourtoelia varieties with different degrees of ripeness and biosynthesis, balance the taste of the multi-varietal new olive oil in a harmonious way, giving Treasure blend evoo their personality and identity, with the most excellent quality characteristics of each variety.

Then there is the natural addition of four (4) wonderful and rare peppers from the global palette of aromas and flavors. The famous Sichuan pepper from China, the special Bourbon Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar, the sweet pink Supergrade pepper from Brazil and the Grains of Paradise (melegueta) pepper from Guinea, Africa.

The final addition of the above ingredients of the Multivarietal Treasure blend evoo is complemented by juice and peel of the exotic lime, accompanied with the warmth of the extremely delicious lemongrass.

With these eleven ingredients, the production of Treasure blend evoo is completed with a high degree of difficulty, from which this name derives, as a "Treasure" of intricate flavors and aromas of the world.

The famous Sichuan pepper, with its extremely hot aromatic properties, its multilevel taste, which is at the same time hot, sweet and spicy, gives the basic identity to the gourmet olive oil Treasure blend evoo.

Botanically, Sichuan has nothing to do with either black or white pepper, in taste, it can confuse with the citrusy feeling it leaves in the mouth. It originates from the province of Sichuan in China and is one of the oldest spices used in this country, not only as a seasoning for food, but also as incense in local ceremonies.

The special Bourbon Voatsiperifery pepper, from Madagascar, is a unique pepper that grows wild in bushes in the jungles of Madagascar. What makes it so special is its fresh taste reminiscent of flowers and citrus fruits.

In the past, Madagascar Bourbon pepper was an extremely rare spice, intertwined with the culture of the people of Madagascar and it is certain that this pepper grows in the woods without any human intervention. Nowadays, it is considered very special and used by top chefs as a basic spice for culinary and gastronomic creations.

Treasure flavored evoo olive oil premium with peppers spicy peppery voatsiperifery pink guinea supergradeThe sweet Supergrade pink pepper from Brazil is the fruit of the Schinus tereb bush which has nothing to do with the plant from which we get our famous black pepper.

It is located in large areas of Brazil from where it is mainly exported. It got its name from the color of the fruit and its resemblance to the fruit of the common pepper, without having the same origin as it. Supergrade pink pepper has sweet and at the same time spicy aromas reminiscent of licorice, cedar, mastic and pepper. Its taste corresponds to the aromas, offering a sweet sense of spices.

Guinea pepper, also known as Melegueta pepper and Grains of Paradise, is not exactly pepper. In other words, it does not come from a plant of the pepper family, but from the perennial, herbaceous plant Aframomum Melegueta, and is related to ginger.

It originates from the countries of West Africa, but it seems that it was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who called it African pepper. What made it popular in Europe, long before the sea route of spices was discovered, was its spicy taste.

Its aromas are reminiscent of black pepper, in a fruitier version, with hints of lemon, but also ginger. The taste is a little milder than black pepper, somewhere between white and green, while it also gives the refreshing feeling of cardamom.

The palette of ingredients of the multivarietal olive oil Treasure blend evoo is complemented, in combination with the flavors and aromas of the four rare peppers, by lime as well as lemongrass.

The wonderful lime gives mild acidity and soft tones of lemon blossoms together with a wonderful floral aroma of the field, creating the characteristic balance base in the taste of Treasure blend evoo.

Finally, the exotic lemongrass gives the new olive oil a delicate and at the same time quite fresh lemon flavor, helping all the other ingredients to balance and it imposingly characterizes and signs the identity of the new olive oil Treasure blend evoo.

Treasure flavored evoo olive oil premium with peppers spicy peppery voatsiperifery pink guinea supergradeThus, the new "jewel" by Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, has a superior category of organoleptic characteristics and prolonged complexity in the aftertaste, although it contains eleven (11) ingredients.

Characteristic of its quality and complexity, is its distinction among the TOP 10 best olive oils worldwide for 2022 in its category, based on the EVOOWR 2022 world ranking of olive oils.

Treasure is the result of the persistent vision of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, in the emergence and evolution of the taste characteristics of olive oil in new ways of high gastronomy, with the new series "Olive Oil Jewels".

The focus and philosophy of the whole new series of "jewels" of olive oil with the signature of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, is exclusively the great value and the global uniqueness in their internal content, and not the packaging or the design, the marketing or the branding.

As a single estate and terroir olive oil of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, it is packaged exclusively in our modern packaging facilities, with all the legal specifications for food safety and hygiene (see more).

Treasure Blend Peppery & Spicy Flavored olive oil - Multi-varietal - Superior Gourmet

Limited edition - Product of 5month natural sedimentation

  • SCANDINAVIAN IOOC 2023 Gold award & Best of Class
  • AIPO 2023 Silver award
  • JOOP 2023 Gold award
  • Masters of Olive Oil 2022 Platinum and 2nd place best flavored and finalist
  • AIPO 2022 Best Spicy Flavored
  • OLIVE JAPAN 2022 Silver
  • Berlin Global Olive Oil awards 2022 GOLD