Fyllikon First Harvest - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

DescriptionFyllikon First Harvest is a cold extracted organic extra virgin olive oil, made from olives in a very unripe stage, with intense and very tasty characteristics of high quality.

It has intense fruity aromas of freshly picked green unripe olives with ideal indicators of bitterness and spiciness, combined with a high content of polyphenols that classify it as an organic olive oil with health claim.

Fyllikon is a premium monovarietal single estate organic olive oil, of limited quantity, by the Sakellaropoulos organic farms terroir, from Koroneiki variety olives. It is considered the Greek organic olive oil with the most international awards of taste and quality in the biggest competitions in the world.  


Agourelaio Early Harvest - Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

DescriptionAgourelaio organic unripe olive oil is definitely a great gift of Nature, known for its nutritional properties since ancient times. The ancient Greeks called it Omfakion, while today, Europeans consider Agourelaio a first quality premium extra virgin unripe olive oil.

Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms were the first in Greece to officially package Agourelaio organic unripe olive oil single estate, monovarietal, early harvest, very low acidity and cold extracted.

Award-winning worldwide, intensely fruity with characteristic bitterness and spiciness, with a high content of polyphenols, it is classified as a bio-functional olive oil with a health claim.  


Armonia - Monovarietal Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

DescriptionArmonia organic cold extracted olive oil, is a monovarietal extra virgin olive oil, which comes from the combination of unripe and semi-ripe olives, of handmade collection and cold extraction within a few hours.

As a main olive oil of the Sakellaropoulos organic farms terroir, it has high quality taste characteristics, medium intensity fruity aromas, extremely balanced indicators of bitterness and spiciness, which, combined with the high content of polyphenols, belongs to our bio-functional olive oils.

Armonia is an organic olive juice, a cold extracted superior monovarietal single estate (self-produced) organic olive oil, with many distinctions and awards in international competitions worldwide.  


Armonikon - Cold Extracted Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

DescriptionArmonikon monovarietal organic extra virgin olive oil is a general-purpose delicious olive oil derived from ripe olives, of mild intensity, Koroneiki variety, cold extracted at 25-27 ° C (cold extracted olive oil) with low acidity usually not more than 0.3 .

The harmonious organic olive oil Armonikon has balance, harmonious taste, fresh aromas of the field, discreet aftertaste and can accompany many recipes, as a cooking base with organic olive oil, while it can support the subtle note of olive oil in all uses of the kitchen.

Armonikon, originating from the Sakellaropoulos organic farms terroir, has been awarded in major international competitions worldwide.  


Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming

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