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Plus Health Multivarietal Green - High Oleocanthal Olive Oil

DescriptionThe premium extra virgin olive oil Plus Health Multivarietal Green belongs to the new innovative series of olive oils with the patented title "Plus Health".

Its great uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only Greek Single Estate multivarietal olive oil that comes from an innovative combination of 5 different varieties of olives (blend), with cold extraction of a few hours after harvest, at 16-18°C.

It has a high content of total polyphenols, which exceeds the limits of European Regulation 432/2012, while at the same time a very high level of 80% is a single polyphenol, oleocanthal, which is attributed many properties through scientific research related to human health.

Plus Health Multivarietal Green olive oil participates in the new preparatory project entitled 'Oleocanthal Plus" Cardio of the School of Public Health of Yale University in collaboration with Dr. Artemis Morris, of the Artemis Wellness Naturopathic Practice (Milford, Connecticut, USA).


Plus Health Multivarietal Green

High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms since 1992, with vertical production and approved packaging according to Greek and international standards, we are constantly evolving our know-how and methods, based on modern scientific data, continuous experimentation and systematic monitoring.

After 30 years of research, specialization and analysis, we created the new, innovative series of olive oils with the registered name "Plus Health" and the signature of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms.

Plus Health Green extra virgin olive oil polyphenols oleocanthal GreekThe olive oils and the concept of the Plus Health series result from a completely different approach to the term extra virgin olive oil and its properties.

Their production methodology starts exclusively from the Terroir of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, which is why they are characterized by the international term Single Estate.

Plus Health Multivarietal olive oils are the only Greek Single Estate olive oils that come from a combination of five (5) different olive varieties (blend), with a specific analogy resulting from our specialized know-how.

Olives of Athinoelia, Koroneiki, Kalamata, Koutsouroelia and Mourtoelia varieties, with different maturity stages and different taste characteristics, are combined within a few hours of harvest, in order to balance and give the best characteristics of each variety to the Plus Health Multivarietal extra virgin olive oils.

These characteristics arise from the 5 different varieties of olives that coexist and for this reason are considered extra virgin olive oils with a very high degree of difficulty in their production. The olives from Athinoelia variety give unripe notes with fresh aromas of the field. The olives from the Koroneiki variety provide an intense aroma, spicy taste and complexity. Kalamata variety olives, with their large flesh, offer their characteristic bitter taste and pleasant aromas of herbs. Koutsouroelia olives help maintain the long, spicy aftertaste of unripe fruits and leaves. Finally, the olives of the Mourtoelia variety, with their fruity special aroma and complex taste, lead to the final organoleptic balance of the Plus Health Multivarietal olive oils.

All these parameters are combined simultaneously with specialized cold extraction within hours from harvest, at temperatures of 16-18°C and in ideal conditions, which meet the specifications of the ISO 22000 standard for food safety and hygiene.

Plus Health Multivarietal Green extra virgin olive oil polyphenols oleocanthal GreekThese innovations in the cultivation and production of the Plus Health olive oils results to olive oils which display a multitude of innovative and unique features.

Their main property is the extremely high concentration of polyphenols. Polyphenols are known antioxidants that occur naturally in olive oil and many scientific studies attribute them with significant positive benefits to human health.

The European Food Safety Authority has already recognized the positive effect of polyphenols (or phenols) on oxidative stress, officially, through the Health Claim contained in European Regulation 432/2012. "Olive oil polyphenols help protect blood lipids from oxidative stress."

A basic requirement in the Health Claim of European Regulation 432/2012 is the daily intake of 20 grams of olive oil which contains at least 5 mg of hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives, which corresponds to a minimum concentration (limit) of 250 mg / kg of polyphenols.

Plus Health Multivarietal olive oils have shown high concentrations of polyphenols over time, manifold the limit of 250 mg / kg defined in European Regulation 432/2012.

At the same time, at Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms for many years, in addition to the cultivation, the method of processing and packaging of olive oils, we have carried out a variety of experiments, tests and analysis in university institutions to determine how the concentration of polyphenols, as well as squalene, are affected in the Plus Health Multivarietal olive oils.

More specifically, Plus Health Multivarietal Green is one of the two olive oils of the Plus Health series that, in addition to the extremely high concentration of total polyphenols, has a special feature that sets it apart from other olive oils.

Plus Health Multivarietal Green extra virgin olive oil polyphenols oleocanthal GreekBased on analysis performed using the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) method at the Department of Pharmacy of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, it was found that more than 80% of the total polyphenols contained in Plus Health Multivarietal Green correspond to a single phenol, called oleocanthal.

Oleocanthal is a very important phenolic derivative, characterized by strong biological activity. Modern international studies have shown that oleocanthal has an anti-inflammatory effect similar to ibuprofen, and has been attributed cardioprotective, neuroprotective, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (see more).

Just on January 5, 2021, a new scientific study was published in the journal ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science, titled "Spontaneous In Vitro and In Vivo Interaction of Oleocanthal with Glycine in Biological Fluids: Novel Pharmacokinetic Markers."

This publication is about the discovery of the way in which oleocanthal, when entering our body, is transformed into an active form through a specific mechanism, which can quickly reach even the brain.

The researchers performed extensive studies to validate and confirm oleocanthal reactivity, which were followed by pharmacokinetic disposition studies in mice, as well as cell culture transport studies to determine the ability of the formed derivatives to cross physiological barriers such as the blood-brain barrier.

Thus, they showed for the first time that oleocanthal is biochemically transformed to novel products in amino acids/glycine-containing fluids, which were successfully monitored in vitro and in vivo, creating a completely new perspective to understand the well-documented bioactivities of oleocanthal in humans (see more).

Plus Health Green multivarietal olive oil cold extractedA study conducted at UC Davis University in California, USA, where commercial samples of olive oils were studied, found that the average concentration of oleocanthal in these olive oils was 135 mg / kg (see more).

Plus Health Multivarietal Green olive oil has shown extremely high oleocanthal values, reaching 977 mg / kg and corresponding to more than 80% of the total polyphenolic substances it contains.

At the same time, Plus Health Multivarietal Green olive oil has a high concentration of squalene, which is the main hydrocarbon in olive oil, acts as an antioxidant and is a natural olive oil substance of great international research interest.

For these reasons, it participates in the new preparatory project entitled 'Oleocanthal Plus" Cardio of the School of Public Health of Yale University in collaboration with Dr. Artemis Morris, of the Artemis Wellness Naturopathic Practice (Milford, Connecticut, USA).

By adding 30 ml/day of Plus Health Multivarietal Green to the daily nutrition of 25 up to 50 patients for 12 weeks, researchers will monitor changes in collected cardiovascular parameters of patients through the Cardiac IQ test and the results will be used to design a subsequent clinical trial to assess the impact of high oleocanthal extra virgin olive oil on cardiovascular disease markers (see more).

Aso, based on the EVOOWR 2022 global ranking of olive oils, it ranked in the category TOP 100 EVOOS of the WORLD 2022, in the TOP 50 best multivarietal extra virgin olive oils in the world, as well as the EVOO of THE YEAR 2022, among 18.312 olive oils from 38 countries.

Therefore, all these unique features and characteristics of Plus Health Multivarietal Green make it an innovative, modern proposal of extra virgin olive oil from the Terroir of our Organic Farms.

It is the absolute reward of our efforts at Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms for over 30 years in the production of premium specialized olive oils with potential benefits to human health.

As a Single Estate olive oil of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, it is packaged exclusively in our modern packaging facilities that have all the legal specifications for food safety and hygiene (see more), while it is available only through the process of natural sedimentation (unfiltered),

Plus Health Multivarietal Green

Cold Extracted - Limited edition - Natural Sedimentation

  • Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards 2023 GOLD AWARD
  • Aristoleo High Phenolic Awards 2023 GOLD
  • AIPO 2022 Goccia Di Bronzo Award
  • Berlin Global Olive Oil awards 2022 GOLD
  • AVPA 2022 BRONZE


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