St. John’s wort oil wax cream with orange oil and vitamin E

DescriptionA natural cream that offers regeneration and deep hydration, enhancing skin elasticity, improving the texture of facial and body skin. On the face it is used as a night cream, giving excellent results on all skin types, but mainly on mature, dehydrated or sensitive skin.

Improves the micro-texture, enhancing the vitality of skin cells. Restores healthy and youthful glow, softens wrinkles. Soothes sensitive or irritated skin, dry skin and burns. It is applied to clean skin daily, giving softness, freshness and beauty.


We can all become concerned about the aging process and the effects it may have on our skin. When we are younger, there is a natural balance and we are able to have a better natural defense system, our natural weapon against the signs of aging. As we get older though, our system tires easily and in time our natural defense system gets drained. It is then that the aging process takes over.

Then the so called free radicals appear which are small particles, particularly harmful to the cells. So, when a free radical attacks a cell, it can cause damage.

It is something like rust that can slowly damage and oxidize iron. Free radicals can make our skin age. Other than the natural aging process, the last few years it has been scientifically proven that free radicals are the cause of skin disorders like the loss of freshness and youthfulness of the skin, leading it to premature aging or wrinkles.

The main related reasons that cause this natural phenomenon, is the “aging” of the skin cells at a gene and functional level. The first factor is translated as genetic inability to produce an adequate amount and quality of skin collagen, while the second factor is a general deterioration of the composition and function of the protein itself.

St. John’s wort oil wax cream orange oil vitamin E natural cosmetics 100 made in Greece parabens slsIn each case, the above events are accompanied by the “oxidative” damage at all levels of cellular cohesion, appearing in face and body skin. This process is also accompanied by environmental factors, such as pollution, excessive sunlight, stress, smoking and poor diet.

Despite that, our body has natural antioxidant immune qualities against free radicals, but they are not enough, therefore additional support from natural allies of beauty and care is necessary.

Enhance your skin with the help of St. John’s wort oil wax cream with orange oil and vitamin E. 

A pure and natural cream that you can provide for your skin. A natural product that softens the skin and protects from body and face dehydration. It has rejuvenation properties and thanks to its enhanced composition it replenishes energy and enhances the vitality of skin cells.

St. John’s wort oil wax cream with orange oil and vitamin E has very big differences in quality and safety in its use from the classic wax creams or ointments mainly in the way of production, the legal European circulation notices but also to its naturally certified ingredients that ultimately lead to its high quality.

St. John’s wort oil wax cream orange oil vitamin E natural cosmetics 100 made in Greece parabens sls freeIt has a fruity, sweet scent of high aromatic notes. The vibrant and sweet orange aroma stimulates the tired body and removes unnecessary tension. The stimulating aroma of orange also lifts the mood and sharpens the senses.

It contains St. John’s wort oil, made with organic olive oil from our own Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that offer a shield of protection from environmental pollutants. It is a very moisturizing natural oil that refreshes the skin, giving it deep hydration, radiance and youthful appearance. Due to its anti-inflammatory action, St. John's wort oil treats and prevents various skin disorders.

Natural beeswax, thanks to its regenerative and moisturizing properties, helps the skin acquire a soft and elastic structure, soothes burns and injuries and retains moisture in the cells without closing the pores. It contains proteins, minerals and a complex of vitamins – more importantly vitamin A - which is necessary for the formation of human cells.

Natural beeswax protects against premature aging and helps the skin retain its natural moisture, provides elasticity and softness. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, emollient and healing properties and is an elixir of beauty while it is considered as one of the most essential beauty ingredients by nature for skin care and beauty.

The cold extracted organic olive oil produced by Sakellaropoulos organic farms, is also a miraculous ingredient that contains many antioxidants. The antioxidant activity of cold extracted organic olive oil is enhanced thanks to its micro-ingredients such as tocopherols, carotenoids, such as pre-vitamins A, powerful natural beneficial polyphenols as well as vitamin E which is in abundance in the organic olive oil. Therefore, it rejuvenates the skin and stimulates its natural moisture, nourishing it with valuable and essential natural ingredients.

St. John’s wort oil wax cream orange oil vitamin E natural cosmetics 100 made in Greece parabens slsVitamin E is by nature a powerful antioxidant that softens the skin and prevents hydration loss through the skin, fighting dryness and protecting it from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Orange oil contains vitamin C which is great for healthy skin. It has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities; it helps boost the collagen levels of the skin. Also, it contributes to the production of collagen in the skin, the protection of blood vessels and the removal of skin discolorations. It tightens the skin, has relaxing properties and provides well-being, cleanliness, radiance and vitality to the skin.

Experts point out that vitamin C, which is abundant in orange oil, is the "key" to repairing, rebuilding and maintaining healthy cells throughout the body. However, what was discovered relatively recently is its ability to dramatically increase collagen production. In our skin there are some cells called fibroblasts, which produce collagen and elastin, which are the proteins that give the skin elasticity and flexibility. But as we grow older, this production declines. Vitamin C is the substance that stimulates fibroblasts to continue to produce youth proteins.

The mild keratolytic action of orange oil offers natural radiance and tones the dull skin of the face and body, removing sun spots and discoloration. It is ideal for rejuvenating dry and mature skin as it is a moisturizing, powerful antioxidant and helps regenerate cells. Also due to its astringent action it contributes to the fight against acne. It promotes circulation, which in turn enhances the flow of the lymphatic system, helping and encouraging detoxification.

It has a balancing and anti-aging effect on the skin, maintains its elasticity and stimulates cell regeneration and at the same time restores the natural glow and radiance of the skin. At the same time, it strengthens the body's defenses against infections and the daily oxidative stress caused by environmental pollution and smoking.

St. John’s wort oil wax cream with orange oil and vitamin E is a wonderful natural cosmetic that with a simple application on the skin, can undoubtedly show you its high quality and natural absorption by your skin. Enjoy it with the wonderful and refreshing aroma of orange, which journeys you to a blooming organic orange grove in the spring, offering you positive energy.

paraben sls sles propylene glycol free greek natural cosmetics
St. John’s wort oil wax cream with orange oil and vitamin E is dermatologically tested and carries all the legal certifications of circulation. It does not contain parabens, gluten, lactose, SLS, SLES, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, and other toxic ingredients.

St. John’s wort oil wax cream orange oil vitamin E natural cosmetics 100 made in Greece parabens sls