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At the foot of the Taygetos and Parnonas mountains, near Sparta, Laconia, Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms have been cultivatng and producing organic olives, certified from Bio-Hellas, since 1992.


We consciously chose organic farming from the very beginning, knowing the benefits that it has for human health and for the environment.

We began when organic farming was not well known in Greece and our purpose was, and still is, to produce high quality organic olive oil and olives with identity, innovation and health protective ingredients that are scientifically proven and belong to the category of bio functional foods, rich in polyphenols.


Functional olive oil & table olives

High Phenolic


Our organic olive oils and olives have been awarded with a record number of 400 international awards in the most prestigious taste competitions worldwide for their exceptional quality, and they also participate in university and clinical studies for the protection of human health due to their high concentration of health beneficial ingredients.


Our organic olive oils participate in the Mediterranean Diet Intervention Trial "Feeding America's Bravest", conducted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University in the USA.

The organic Kalamata table olives from our farms participate exclusively in the "Olives For Health" research carried out by the School of Public Health, in collaboration with the Department of Cardiology of the School of Medicine, at Yale University.

Our natural table olives participate in two clinical studies on their positive effect on human health, conducted by the Faculty of Pharmacy of the NKUA, under the supervision of the World Olive Center and UC Davis Olive Center California.


The range of our specialized organic olive products is of limited edition and contains: organic cold extracted olive oils with low acidity, premium gourmet flavored olive oils of specialized expertise with worldwide distinctions, natural organic table olives with minimal salt, gourmet olives as well as unsalted olives.

Our product range is completed with our St. John’s wort oil, natural cosmetics, St. John’s wort oil wax creams, handmade soaps and natural body oils.