Telies - Gourmet Kalamata olives with Aromatic Herbs

DescriptionTelies gourmet olives are completely natural table olives that belong to the premium line "Gourmet Kalamata Olives" of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, creating new taste horizons for Greek table olives, as a culinary proposal with international recognitions.

They were awarded as the No. 1 olives with the highest Super Health Award, at the Aristoleo High Phenolic Table Olive Awards 2018, which count and award the beneficial ingredients in olives.

At the same time, they were honored with the award of two gold stars at the Great Taste Awards in London, the highest distinction of the competition for 2019, in the well-known "Oscars of taste".  


Valsamikes - Gourmet Kalamata Olives with Balsamic Vinegar

DescriptionValsamikes gourmet olives are the result of the persistent vision of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, in the emergence and evolution of natural Greek table olives in new paths of high quality and gastronomy.

They are an experience of unique gourmet taste, now recognized worldwide in many competitions, with unprecedented distinctions for Greek table olives.

At the same time, Valsamikes are the olives that participated in the 1st global clinical study of the NKUA under the supervision of the World Olive Center and UC Davis Olive Center, for their positive impact on human health.  


Portokalenies - Gourmet Kalamata Olives with Orange

DescriptionPortokalenies gourmet table olives are a functional olive product (functional foods) of our organic farms, with a very high concentration of health protective substances.

They are absolutely natural table Kalamata olives, with unique taste, aromas, as well as superior organoleptic characteristics with international awards of taste and quality.

The character of the Portokalenies olives is given by the Laconian orange, with the addition of its sweet and sour juice and its percussive peel with its essential oil, with a minimal addition of salt. They lead to a delicious pleasure on a spring morning walk in Nature, among blooming oranges and sturdy olives of Laconia.  


Lemonenies - Gourmet Kalamata Olives with Lemon without Vinegar

DescriptionLemonenies gourmet Kalamata olives are olives without vinegar, with lemon juice and peel, in an amazing taste combination with four (4) aromatic herbs of the Laconian land.

It is another product of high expertise from our organic farms, being one of our main functional olive products (functional foods), with very high phenols and antioxidants, which protect human health.

The natural table olives Lemonenies by Sakellaropoulos organic farms are an experience of authentic olive taste, of high quality, awarded by expert tasters, in many international quality competitions with unique global distinctions.  


Milenies - Gourmet Kalamata Olives with Apple

DescriptionThe gourmet olives Milenies are Kalamata variety olives of high quality, with aromatic apple, whole, with juice, pulp and peel. They are complemented by organic extra virgin olive oil, wonderful apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and delicate laurel.

The gourmet olives Milenies are the result of the persistent vision of Sakellaropoulos organic farms in the emergence and evolution of the taste characteristics of the natural table olives in new paths, of high quality and gastronomy.

Milenies olives have been distinguished in international tasting competitions by special judges and are ranked in the elite of gourmet foods.  


Pinelies - Gourmet Kalamata Olives with Ouzo

DescriptionThe gourmet Pinelies olives are olives with ouzo, of high quality and global innovation, Kalamata variety, accompanied by ouzo, vinegar and lemon, Greek tea and sweet fennel seeds.

They are an original Greek creation of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, in a sea "journey" of flavors and memories, which accompanies Greece with its aromas all over the world.

For their special taste and high quality, they have been awarded in international tasting competitions. They were honored with a gold star award in all three of their participations at the Great Taste Awards London, in 2015, 2018 and 2020.  


Gousto - Green and Kalamata Gourmet Olives

DescriptionThe gourmet Gousto olives are a very innovative creation of Sakellaropoulos organic farms with peculiarities and a high degree of difficulty in their completion.

Olives of two different varieties exist simultaneously in the same jar and with specific proportions, small Green olives and large Kalamata variety olives, with "opposite" flavors, but also ingredients that are rarely combined together, vinegar and lemon, accompanied by coriander and aromatic Greek tea.

The amazing tasting point of Gousto gourmet olives is the moment they will be tasted, where a surprise comes, a delicious experience of what creation really means.  


Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming

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