Three Golden Stars for Syllektikon - Outstanding distinction for a Greek olive oil at Great Taste Awards 2019

Among the very remarkable Greek products, awarded this year at the international taste and quality awards Great Taste, Syllektikon flavored evoo from Sakellaropoulos, Sparta, stands out.

SYLLEKTIKON Great taste awards three 3 stars

A lot of Greek products have been awarded 1 and 2 stars at the renowned Great Taste Awards competition, rarely though 3 stars, the greatest and hardest distinction. It is the first year in the 24 years of this competitions that these 3 stars are given to a flavored Greek olive oil and that is greatly appreciated - without, overlooking the value of other distinctions of many olive oils in international competitions.

This 'Oscar of Taste', as it is called, was given to Syllektikon flavored olive oil from Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming, that belongs in the category of naturally flavored olive oils. Its an unripe olive oil from Koroneiki variety olives that is produced in limited quantity, cold extracted, unfiltered, naturally sedimented for 4 months. It's extraction takes place at around 18-20 degrees Celsius (ambient temperature, preserving the taste, flavor and properties of the fruit) with a natural addition of oranges, lemons and wild thyme. It has already been distinguished in many international competitions. Lets also note that with 2 more Great Taste 2019 Golden Stars we see 2 more products from the same producer being awarded, Lemonenies Kalamata olives and Telies, Kalamata olives with herbs.

Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms are located near Sparta, between the mountains of Taygetus and Parnonas. George Sakellaropoulos produces premium cold extracted extra virgin olive oils, gourmet flavored olive oils and organic olives, all multi awarded products.

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