Unique record: The Greek olive oils that have acquired 135 international awards

«Olive production is not a speed race, but a super marathon that requires endurance» believes the multiawarded olive producer George Sakellaropoulos from Laconia.

βιολογικοί ελαιώνες σακελλαρόπουλου λακωνία λάδια ελιές ελαιόλαδο βιο
«The excellent combination of the microclimate, the flora and fauna at the foot of Taygetus and Parnonas Mountain, adds uniqueness to our organic products, with characteristics of superior and rare quality»

About the Sakellaropoulos brand

The farms produce Koroneiki and Kalamata olives – organic, certified by BIO – HELLAS since 1992. The olive oil family consists of premium, limited edition and cold extracted organic olive oil, as well as natural organic Kalamata olives with unique characteristics (such as Telies with aromatic herbs, Unripe olives, Portokalenies with orange, Milenies with apple, Pinelies with ouzo etc.) St. John’s wort oil, natural cosmetics, wax creams, handmade natural soaps made from organic olive oil that carry all the legal certificates, complete the product family of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms.

Source: womantoc.gr