Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms triumphs in Paris olive oil competition

Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms Greece oganic olive oils Sparta AVPA GOURMET PARIS FRANCE 2022 competition

The internationally renowned olive oil tasting competition "AVPA GOURMET World Edible Oils 2022" took place on May 2-May 9, 2022, in Paris, with the participation of mainly French-speaking professionals, chefs, sommeliers and gourmet tasters.

Since 2003, the jury has been chaired by oleologist Christian Pinatel of the Center Technique de l'Olivier in France.

The competition "AVPA GOURMET" maintains a permanent relationship with more than 10,000 producers from 50 countries and today has about 1,000 active members on 5 continents.

The Greek olive oils of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms ( were honoured with 7 major awards in an equal number of participations in the international competition, known for the specific protocols it follows and the strict criteria used for the evaluation of the products.

In detail:

AGOURELAIO Early Harvest Organic - Gourmet ARGENT

OLEOASTRON gourmet evoo - Gourmet ARGENT

MAJESTIC blend evoo - Gourmet BRONZE

SYLLEKTIKON gourmet evoo - Gourmet BRONZE

FYLLIKON First Harvest Organic - Gourmet BRONZE

PLUS HEALTH Multivarietal Green evoo - Gourmet BRONZE

Flavored Gourmet ENIGMA - Diplôme Gourmet

"These honorary awards are a great reward for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, as 'AVPA GOURMET World Edible Oils 2022' confirmed once again the unique quality of our olive oil products, worldwide," the company said in a statement.