The operation of a University Olive Farming Institute is imperative, says Giorgos Sakellaropoulos

Sakellaropoulos organic farms  creation of a University Institute for Olive Farming Greece LaconiaSakellaropoulos olive groves have swept awards all over the globe

The creation of a University Institute for Olive Farming is proposed by the pioneering organic farmer Giorgos Sakellaropoulos with the support of professors from international universities and personalities from other areas.

The ground-breaking proposal for the creation of a Supreme Scientific Foundation of Olive-growing was “sown” at an event of the Chamber of Lakonia by the multi-awarded olive producer Giorgos Sakellaropoulos. The Chamber honoured Mr. Sakellaropoulos in the context of the “Entrepreneurship Awards 2023” as a model of entrepreneurship and for his contribution to the recognition of Laconian olive oil and “placing the gold of the Laconian land at the top of the World”.

In his speech, Giorgos Sakellaropoulos laid down the reasons that make his proposal imperative, saying, among other things: “My proposal goes back to the imperative need to establish in our country a Supreme Scientific Institute of Olive Growing, based in the region of Laconia, which will study, research, educate at a high level, give directions and knowledge regarding two of our basic and national products, olive oil and table olives”.

“My occupation for 31 years with olive growing,” he continued, “contributed to the above proposal for our country, which worldwide is 2nd in table olive production and 3rd in olive oil production. This need is imperative today, as global competition becomes more and more apparent.”

In support of the reasons that led him to this proposal, he mentioned that similar university institutions already exist in other olive-producing countries, such as in the USA at the famous Davis University in California, at Yale University, while a special Olive School has been operating in Perth, Australia. Eight professors from international and Greek universities as well as personalities support the proposal of Mr. Sakellaropoulos with their letters.

Global leader

The organic olive groves of Sakellaropoulos are sweeping the international olive oil competitions, surpassing 620 awards and distinctions so far. In fact, they recently won 1st place in the EVOOWR 2022 global ranking of olive oils, where 18,312 olive oil samples from 38 olive-producing countries and 1,986 producer companies were examined, respectively, which had already been distinguished in 32 international competitions.

At EVOOWR 2022 the organic olive groves of Sakellaropoulos won 1st place in the World as a company-producer of gourmet olive oils, while they were awarded the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place, in the TOP 5 Flavored Oils of the World 2022, for their quality and taste. With this top distinction won by Sakellaropoulos olive oils, they collected 4,945.78 points, offering 35% of the total points received by our country (14,264.91) in the Flavored Oils of the World category, leading Greece to 1st place among 38 countries of the world.