In the following video you will see a justification for our effort to produce not a simple food, but a Bio-functional food. The latest scientific data came to confirm this.

Results of the first clinical study on the positive effect of the consumption of Kalamata type olives on the LDL / HDL cholesterol ratio and the protection of the cardiovascular system. (The table olives of Kalamata variety used come from Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms with the commercial type VALSAMIKES).

The Oleocanthal International Society (OIS) recently completed its Conference held on June 2 & 3, 2016, in Ancient Olympia.

The aim of OIS is to combine practical and clinical research to demonstrate and disseminate the bio-functional properties of olive oil and its use through appropriate gastronomic combinations.

Several of the most important scientists in the world, in the field of olive growing, gathered to exchange information and share new research data with more than 400 participants from Greece and abroad.

Dr. Jose Amerigo, Founder of OIS, Professor Prokopios Magiatis, Vice President of OIS and Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Natural Product Chemistry EKPA, Dan Flynn from the University of California, UC Davis olive center, Professor Eric Tangalos, Professor John William Newman of the US dept. of Agriculture, at the Western Human Nutrition Research center in Davis California, Dr. Eleni Melliou chemistry of Natural Products EKPA, Dr. Ramon Estruch, Professor Stefanos Kales of Harvard Medical School, Mary Flynn PhD Assoc. Professor of Medicine at Brown University, Professors Konstantinos and Apostolos Kyritsakis from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Ms. Lagouri Vasiliki from EKPA, Mr. Athanasios Gertsis of the American School of Agriculture in Thessaloniki and many other renowned scholars from Greece and abroad.

In the context of the conference,Dr. Martha-Spyridoula Katsarou. biochemist - biotechnologist, presented the results of the first clinical study on the positive effect of consumption of Kalamata type olives on the lipidemic profile of healthy volunteers and in particular on the LDL / HDL cholesterol ratio and the protection of the cardiovascular system

Watch the presentation in the video from the specific conference where the results of the first clinical study of the Kalamata type olives with the commercial type VALSAMIKES of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, from the Department of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of natural products, of the University of Athens Athens, the 401 Military Hospital and with a team of outstanding scientists where they participated (2 doctors, 2 biochemists, 1 clinical pharmacologist, 1 biostatistician and of course Mr. Magiatis and Ms. Melliou)

We would like to warmly thank all the scientists, with special mention to the associate professor Mr. Magiatis, for the great honor of the participation of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms in the 1st clinical study, which "justifies" our effort of many years for specialized production of olive products.