Majestic Blend - Best Flavored Evoo Worldwide - EVOOWR

majestic best flavored evoo worldwide evoowr 2018

One of the greatest distinctions for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, at the most reknowned world ranking for olive oils.

Majestic Blend Flavored evoo

The Best Flavored Evoo Worldwide for 2018, according to the EVOOWR International Ranking, with Greece in 1st place for the first time in this category !


9522 olive oil samples from all over the world...
28 International olive oil competitions...
From 30 countries - producers of olive oil...


On 27/12/2018 the World Association of Journalists of Wine and Spirits announced the EVOO World Ranking, which is a point based system that ranks olive oils based on international competition and awards - given for the quality and taste of each olive oil.

28 international competitions from around the world were taken into consideration, with 9522 olive oil samples for 2018 coming from 30 olive oil producing countries.

It is a great honor for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms to see Majestic Blend Flavored Evoo ranking 1st in the world in the category of Condimento-Flavored Olive Oil 2018 on the list of the world-reknowned World Ranking of EVOO (EVOOWR) with 224 points and also our country in this category ranking 1st in the world.

This international distinction is the 89th international award for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms and perhaps the greatest reward of our efforts over the last 26 years to achieve the highest quality and superior taste of our products.