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Armonia and Agourelaio - Double Major Awards - BIOL 2019

BIOL 2019 award olive oil silver international

The results of the 24th edition of BIOL International Organic Olive Oil Competition 2019 were announce at 17/04/2019.

A double silver award at the 24th international competition exclusively for organic olive oil BIOL International Organic Olive Oil Competition 2019 in Italy, with completely even votes. 

AGOURELAIO organic - Silver Award BiolPrize 2019

ARMONIA organic - Silver Award BiolPrize 2019

 It took place in Bari, Italy, between the 20th and 22rd of March,2019, with a participation of hundreds of organic olive oil samples from all over the world which were tasted from expert panel tasters and judges of the international competition BiolPrize 2019,while they were simultaneously tested for all their chemical and organoleptic analysis based on the regulations of the international olive oil council IOC.

We are extremely happy for this great double international award for our organic olive oil during the most difficult olive oil year for our country of the last fifty years.

With this great double award in Italy, Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms have acquired 95 international awards from international competitions for taste and quality.

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