Olymp Awards Taste

A great honorable distinction for Sakellaropoulos Estates at the 4th TASTE OLYMP AWARDS GR 2019, a competition in specialized evaluation and  food tasting by expert panel judges and distinguished executive chefs. 

It took place in Athens 8th and 9th of May, 2019 and for the fourth time, it was a meeting place for the best food producers from Greece and other parts of the world, through a unique event, with the theme being the tasting of unique products of the agro-food sector. A total of over 730 samples were submitted.

The products were tested from numerous panel judges, under the sponsorhip of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Tourism, the group for Unesco Peiraeus and the Islands, the Union of Ionian Greece, the CEUCO, the IEG, the Club of Top Chefs of Athens "Acropolis", with specialists in the field of gastronomy.

With panel leader Konstantino Mouzaki-Chef Europe 2015, Director Gastronomy Club Unesco,  Member WACS, and member of the judges adding a beautiful cluster of knowledge and expertise from the panel judges through a procedure that does not include doubt or error(blind taste procedure).

Sakellaropoulos Estates participated with eight ( 8 ) of their organic - gourmet products and accumulated a very high score and were honored with eight ( 8 ) awards :

Telies table olives  –  Gold Award

Agouroelies table olives  –  Silver Award

Valsamikes table olives  –  Silver Award

Prasines table olives  –  Silver Award

ENIGMA gourmet  olive oil– Silver Award 

Milenies table olives  –  Bronze Award

Lemonenies table olives  –  Bronze Award

Pinelies table olives  –  Bronze Award

OLYMP AWARDS 2019 taste quality olives table oil

A great and honorable moment of 2019 at the Taste Olymp Awards for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, that managed to accumulate 8 more awards in an equal number of participations. 

At the same time, this international distinction gives us the honor to now reach 113 International Awards, a unique record of distinctions for a Greek producer, who cultivates and produces his own products.