9 out of 9 olive oil awards at EVOIOOC 2020

evoiooc 2020 international competition olive oil tasting experts organicOn June 13, 2020, the results of the EVOO International Olive Oil Competition 2020 were announced. This competition, that is recognized globally, took place in Italy and was held on May 25-30, 2020.

It is an important and honorary moment of 2020 for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms with 9 awards in equal participations, at the EVOOIOOC 2020.

In this competition, very high testing and tasting standards are applied, special judges - experts of international prestige (expert panel tasters) participate and the olive oils are tested by the method of blind tasting based on the International Olive Oil Council.

The EVOO World Ranking (EVOOWR), based on international standards, has given the EVOIOOC competition a very high score of 9/10, raising it to one of the highest positions in the world for its integrity and methods.

The degree of difficulty of the competition is complemented by the major participation, in an olive-producing country such as Italy. The participating samples at the EVOIOOC 2020 reached 500 olive oil samples from many olive oil-producing countries, such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Turkey, Portugal, Israel, Argentina, the USA, Uruguay, etc.

Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms participated with 9 of their olive oils and were awarded 9 top awards in all categories. For the fourth consecutive year, we receive a plethora of gold and silver awards, coming from expert panel tasters of the competition.

In detail, the awarded olive oils are:

Enigma Gourmet Evoo - Gold Award

Gemstone Blend Evoo - Gold Award

Majestic Blend Evoo - Gold Award

Fyllikon First Harvest EVOO - Silver Award

Agourelaio Early Harvest EVOO - Silver Award

Armonia Monovarietal Evoo - Silver Award

Oleoastron Gourmet Evoo- Silver Award

Syllektikon Gourmet Evoo - Silver Award

Enstagma Gourmet Evoo - Silver Award

 Our olive oils were awarded 3 gold and 6 silver awards, in a total of 9 important awards with very high respective ratings.

It is a special honor for us to see our organic, Single Estate olive products recognized in the world's largest competitions for their high quality, innovation in their production, unique taste and wonderful combinations, while being considered among the top worldwide.

At the same time, this multiple international award at EVOIOOC 2020 constitutes the 156 international awards for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, a record number for a Greek olive oil producer of exclusively his own products (Single Estate producer).

sakellaropoulos organic farming gourmet functional greek record 156 olive oil awards worldwide