5 out of 5 - Gold Stars at Great Taste Awards 2020

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Each year, around this time, the heart of international gastronomy beats in London, at the international culinary competition “Great Taste Awards” which awards the best and the highest quality products in the world, while being a reference point for gourmet food and has been characterized as the “Oscars of Taste”.

The internationally famed taste competition “Great taste Awards” is organized by the “Guild of Fine Food' and the gold stars it awards is compared to the Michelin stars of awarded restaurants.(“Great Taste Awards is to specialty food and drink what Michelin is to fine dining”).

The “Great Taste Awards” are internationally renowned for their objectivity and validity, since they relate exclusively to the product’s taste, without reference to the packaging, brand or logo, while it does not judge the marketing, but only the taste and quality of the product.

Indicative of the recognition of the awards is that the establishment is supported by the “Mecca” of gastronomy-Harrods of London as well as the well-known department store, Partridges, along with other well-known food department stores and large food companies worldwide.

This year, more than 500 expert panel tasters evaluated the products through a “blind” tasting procedure, where it was decided which products are eligible to be awarded.

For 120 days-from March until the end of August-the exceptional number of 12,777 high quality products were tasted, from 109 countries throughout the world in order for the Gold Stars to be awarded, which in turn offer the awarded product international recognition.

Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, who have already been honored in the past with a total of 26 Gold Stars from this competition, participated for yet one more year with their innovative olive products, and were honored with 5 Gold Stars with the 5 products in which they participated with. They are:

Oleoastron gourmet olive oil - Gold Star

Gemstone blend gourmet olive oil - Gold Star

Fyllikon First Harvest Organic Evoo - Gold Star

Pinelies, Olives with Ouzo - Gold Star

Kalamon Organic Olives - Gold Star

The announcement of the results from this renowned competition, justifies the efforts of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms to create unique taste combinations for their organic products, while it is now evident that they belong to the international elite of gourmet foods.

These five specific gold star awards result in the unique record of 208 international awards for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, from renowned international competitions of high prestige worldwide, indicating an international record of awards for an olive and olive oil producer, who cultivates, produces and packages exclusively his own organic products (Single estate organic producer). 

208 Sakellaropoulos international awards record number worldwide