5 Gold Awards - Olives & Olive Oil - Great Taste Awards 2012

great taste awards 2012 2 gold stars awardOfficial results 2012 (Oliveology - Sakellaropoulos Olive Groves)
In this competition, we participated in the category Olives and extra virgin olive oil(evoo), There were competitors from many countries and samples from all over the world, and there was a delay in the final results because of the large amount of samples. There were 350 judges for the tasting(a first time number of judges).

Category Olives
From a very large amount of samples worldwide, only 18 olive products were awarded. We were awarded 1st place (2 stars) for our olives Telies, (the only Greek product with 2 stars) 6th place for our Unripe Olives(one star and the only green olives that were awarded) and 7th place for our olives Valsamikes (one star).

Category Extra Virgin Olive Oil
From a very large amount of olive oil samples worldwide, a total of 59 olive oils were Awarded. We were awarded 8th place and 2 stars for our First Harvest Oil Fyllikon(the only Greek olive oil with 2 stars and in the first 20 places) and the 24th place and one star for our extra virgin olive oil Armonia(the only Greek olive oils that came in first and second place at the anouncement of the results.)

Great Taste Awards 
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