Masterpiece Blend Evoo - Silver Award OLIVE JAPAN IOOC 2021

olive japan iooc 2021 top international awards masterpiece

The international competition OLIVE JAPAN IOOC 2021, is considered the Sommelier olive oil competition of Japan, which for 2021, its 10th edition took place in Kyobashi, Japan, from 18 to 22 May. It is held under the auspices of the renowned organization "The Olive Oil Sommelier Association" of Japan. The entries reached a record number of 811 olive oil samples, from 24 countries worldwide.

It is a prestigious competition, one of the largest in the Asian Continent, belongs to the first places based on the international ranking of EVOOWR, while it awards the best olive oils in the world with specialized panel tasters (expert panel tasters).

OLIVE JAPAN International Olive Oil Competition 2021 applies very strict evaluation standards, based on the tasting methods set by the International Olive Oil Council, exclusively with the method of blind tasting.

The degree of difficulty, the high standards, the integrity and the professionalism of the competition is shown by the participation of olive oils from many countries such as Croatia, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, U.S.A., Argentina, Australia, Uruguay etc.

Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms were honored with a SILVER AWARD - SILVER MEDAL for the new olive oil Masterpiece Blend Evoo which received a very high score.

Masterpiece Blend Evoo - Silver Award 2021

olive japan iooc 2021 top international awards masterpiece blend evoo gourmet


This distinction is the 3rd consecutive award for Masterpiece Blend Evoo in an equal number of participations for 2021, the first year of its release and participation in major global competitions.

At the same time, Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms complete the 266 international awards in global competitions, a unique record of awards internationally for a Greek olive producer exclusively of their own olive products (Single Estate).

It is a special honor for us to see our organic, Single Estate olive products recognized in the largest international competitions for their high quality, for the innovation in their production, their unique taste and their wonderful combinations, while at the same time being considered among the top worldwide.

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