AVPA 2023: 4 Unique Gastronomic Awards in Paris

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Every spring, the heart of international gastronomy and very high quality food beats in Paris, in the city of high gastronomy and in the famous but also very demanding gastronomic competition, "AVPA GOURMET", which evaluates and awards the highest quality products of the world, including olive oils.

The internationally renowned olive oil tasting competition "AVPA GOURMET World Edible Oils 2023" took place with a double evaluation stage from February to April 2023 in Paris, and the judges are mainly French-speaking professionals, chefs, sommeliers and gourmet tasters. Since 2003, the jury has been chaired by oleologist Christian Pinatel of the Center Technique de l'Olivier in France.

The judges evaluate, according to specific protocols, all olive oil samples with very strict criteria, which are part of the philosophy of the well-known French cuisine, which has been a point of inspiration and reference, influencing, as is well known, all cuisines worldwide.

The famous "AVPA GOURMET" maintains a permanent relationship with more than 10,000 producers from 50 countries and today has about 1000 active members on 5 continents. It is essentially the link between the producers of high quality food, and the experts and gastronomy of the famous French cuisine and Fine Dining, recognizing the importance of the concepts of Terroir and origin.

On May 4, 2023, in Paris, the results of the tasting were announced, in which more than 500 olive oils from all over the world were submitted, which participated and met the very high standards of "AVPA GOURMET World Edible Oils 2023". Besides, a feature of the very high degree of difficulty of "AVPA GOURMET" is that it awards few samples from all entries.

Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms were honored with 4 major awards in an equal number of participations, in the 21st edition of "AVPA GOURMET World Edible Oils 2023". In detail:

MAJESTIC blend evoo – Gourmet BRONZE

Flavored Gourmet ENIGMAGourmet BRONZE

OLEOASTRON gourmet evooDiplôme Gourmet

SYLLEKTIKON gourmet evooDiplôme Gourmet 

avpa competition 2023 top awards sakellaropoulos organic farms Greece olive oil gourmet

It should be noted that France's famous competition is monitored by very specialized tasters and professionals who are looking for very high quality food in general, with particular flavors and characteristics, in order to be the raw material in sophisticated culinary creations by French cuisine experts around the world.

This is why these honorary awards constitute a great reward for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, as their olive oils in "AVPA GOURMET World Edible Oils 2023" are ranked in the “Les Huiles du Monde 2023” and once again, the unique quality of their olive oil products is confirmed, in a global gastronomic level.

These major awards in Paris, accompanied by the highly honorary reviews of the tasters of "AVPA GOURMET World Edible Oils 2023", complete 672 international awards for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, a unique record number for a Greek producer (Single Estate - Terroir)

avpa france 2023 672 international competition awards record Greece

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