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Chef Agious Spyros - Organic unripe olive oil Agourelaio

agious spyros surfnturf chef executive
"Surf & Turf"  

Octopus, water buffalo, cauliflower, wheat with mushrooms, "Apiliotis" wine and organic unripe olive oil Agourelaio.

  Impressions from taste professionals !  

Executive Chef Spyros Agious comments for organic unripe Agourelaio :

"The best Greek unripe olive oil I have ever tasted.
I believe it is the top in its category.

agious spyros executive chefαγουρέλαιο βιολογικό έξτρα παρθένο ελαιόλαδο λάδι ελιάς

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