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Chef Nikos Rigas - Organic unripe olive oil Agourelaio

chef nikos rigas dream fish
 ' Dream Fish '  

Sea bass with handmade bread and walnuts crust, scallops, accompanied with peas cream,
organic cold extracted Agourelaio and framboise sauce.

  Impressions from taste professionals !  

Chef Nikos Rigas comments for organic unripe Agourelaio:

" Intense aromas, complexity in taste and long lasting aftertaste.
A small quantity is enough to provide notes of freshly cut olives.
One of the best ! "

chef nikos rigas dream fishαγουρέλαιο βιολογικό έξτρα παρθένο ελαιόλαδο λάδι ελιάς

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