Olive oil by Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms in preparatory project of the Yale School of Public Health

Yale OLEOCANTHAL PLUS CARDIO Greek health olive oil cardiovascular Sakellaropoulos farms Greece

Researchers at the Yale School of Public Health in collaboration with Dr. Artemis Morris, of the Artemis Wellness Naturopathic Practice (Milford, Connecticut, USA), announce the launch of a new preparatory project entitled “Oleocanthal Plus” Cardio.

Starting in March 2023, Dr. Morris, will be adding 30ml/day of high oleocanthal extra virgin olive oil, specifically "Plus Health Green EVOO" by Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, to the daily nutrition of 25 up to 50 of her patients, for 12 weeks.

The aggregate data will be collected and collated by Dr. Artemis Morris and will be analyzed by Dr. Tassos C. Kyriakides, Assistant Professor at the School of Public Health, Yale University, USA.

Incorporating "Plus Health Green EVOO" high oleocanthal olive oil into the standard of care of Dr. Artemis Morris, will monitor changes in collected cardiovascular parameters through the Cardiac IQ test.

The participation of the high oleocanthal olive oil "Plus Health Green EVOO" by Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms in the "Oleocanthal Plus" Cardio preparatory project is due to its very high content of oleocanthal, a predominant polyphenol that has significant biological activity and has been attributed anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties.

It should be noted that the olive oil "Plus Health Green EVOO" is a multivarietal olive oil from five olive varieties, with an oleocanthal content of 977 mg / Kg, a percentage that exceeds by 720 %, the average values of the olive oil samples (135 mg / Kg) included in an international study performed at UC Davis University, California, United States of America.

The Cardiac IQ test provides an in-depth assessment of cardiovascular risks to help doctors and specialists recommend the ideal individualized treatment option for the patient to minimize cardiovascular disease.

Cardiac IQ includes measurements of biomarkers such as: total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL and cholesterol/HDL ratio, LDL particle number, LDL peak size, LDL pattern, HDL large, LDL small, mean LDL, apolipoprotein B, lipoprotein (α), high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) as well as the LP - PLA2 index.

Depending on changes/magnitude of change in such cardiovascular markers, that information will be used to design a subsequent, adequately powered clinical trial to assess the impact of high oleocanthal extra virgin olive oil on cardiovascular disease (CVD) markers.

The “Oleocanthal Plus” Cardio project is being carried out within the framework of the activities related to the under establishment Yale Olive Sciences and Health Institute (YOSHI).

The mission of the Yale Olive Sciences and Health Institute is to facilitate and coordinate the rigorous study, robust research and creative interdisciplinary activities related to olives and olive products. The idea and mission of the Institute has been widely supported by more than 70 international and national academic, research and private bodies active in this field.

YOSHI's research project is led by two highly distinguished Greek professors of the Yale University School of Public Health, Dr. Vasilis Vasiliou, Chair of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences and Dr. Tassos C. Kyriakides, Assistant Professor.

It is a special honor for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, from Greece and Sparta that their multi-varietal high oleocanthal olive oil "Plus Health Green EVOO" is used in this specific project, in order for the results to be used for a wider clinical trial that will scientifically evaluate the positive effect of oleocanthal in improving human health, and especially in cardiovascular disease.

It is well known that scientific research and synergies have been at the core of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms since their inception. They are already taking place at Harvard University's School of Public Health, entitled "Feeding America's Bravest", where our organic olive oils participate, and at Yale University's School of Public Health, entitled "Olives for Health", where our table olives participate exclusively.

At the same time, two multiyear clinical studies (2014 to 2016 and 2017 to 2022) on the effect of the daily consumption of our high phenolic olives, in healthy and patient volunteers respectively, have been completed at Department of Pharmacy of the of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, which showed an improvement in the lipidemic profile (cholesterol etc), while they enabled scientists to convert table olives in the form of encapsulated powder, with an international patent.