Agourelaio Early Harvest - Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

DescriptionAgourelaio organic unripe olive oil is definitely a great gift of Nature, known for its nutritional properties since ancient times. The ancient Greeks called it Omfakion, while today, Europeans consider Agourelaio a first quality premium extra virgin unripe olive oil.

Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms were the first in Greece to officially package Agourelaio organic unripe olive oil single estate, monovarietal, early harvest, very low acidity and cold extracted.

It participates in the three year Mediterranean Diet Intervention Trial "Feeding America's Bravest", conducted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University in the USA.

Award-winning worldwide, intensely fruity with characteristic bitterness and spiciness, with a high content of polyphenols, it is classified as a bio-functional olive oil with a health claim.  


High Phenolic Unripe Olive Oil

Early Harvest - Cold Extracted - Extra Virgin

At Sakellaropoulos organic farms, in Sparta, Laconia, since 1992, the first Greek terroir has been created with certified organic cultivation, vertical production and approved packaging according to Greek and international standards.

At Sakellaropoulos organic farms we treat olive production as a quality practice, combining best environmental practices and the conservation of natural resources. We respect the long tradition of the land but also the ecosystem, thus contributing to a higher level of biodiversity.

unripe organic olive oil koroneiki awarded premium evoo agourelaio early harvestAfter several years of efforts, Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms since 1992 are the first olive growers in Greece to officially package early harvest Agourelaio organic olive oil, monovarietal of very low acidity and cold extracted.

With exclusively vertical own production (single estate), innovative methods, combined with the tradition of the land but also with scientific knowledge, our cold extracted organic Agourelaio olive oil was released, which has been distinguished in the most prestigious competitions in the world, winning many international awards, with the top one being its ranking as an Evoo of the Year 2019 and 2021, as well as at the TOP 100 best extra virgin olive oils of the world for 2019 and 2021.

The early harvest organic Agourelaio evoo of Sakellaropoulos organic farms is a cold extracted organic extra virgin olive oil, made from unripe olives, with intense and very special taste characteristics of high quality.

It differs from many olive oils on the market because its production methodology starts exclusively from our organic farms, which is why it is characterized by the international term single estate organic olive oil. There is absolute management of the completely unripe olives during the handmade collection, with parallel quality sorting before the olive mill, which is done in a few hours from the harvest of the olives.

Agourelaio early harvest organic evoo is usually produced in late September to early October, with completely cold extraction a few hours after harvest, at 18 - 20 °C and is therefore an unripe cold extracted olive oil that requires twice and often three times the amount of green olives for its production.

The main characteristics of Agourelaio Early Harvest, is the extremely low acidity (usually between 0.1% and 0.2%) which classifies it not only in the extra virgin olive oils but in the new category that is gradually created of extrissima premium, with excellent chemical analysis indicators

At the same time it has a high content of vitamins and sterols, as well as a very high level of polyphenols, mainly oleocanthal, which characterize it as a dominant biofunctional phenolic olive oil with a health claim under the European regulation (E.U. Health Claim 432/2012). It is awarded every year by the World Olive Center for Health for its high content of phenols that usually exceed 3 to 4 times the limits set by EU regulations.

unripe organic olive oil koroneiki awarded premium evoo agourelaio early harvestAgourelaio Early Harvest participates in the three year study "Interventional Study of the Mediterranean Diet" due to its high health value, carried out by Harvard University and the School of Public Health, in the diet of 1000 volunteer firefighters.

The purpose of the three-year study by the Harvard School of Public Health is to show that by changing eating habits, in a scientifically proven way, in groups of people at high risk of disease and especially heart attacks while performing their work, such as firefighters, this risk decreases to extremely high rates.

The cold extracted, organic Agourelaio Early Harvest Evoo has a high nutritional value but is also a culinary pleasure. It has multiple distinctions and awards in its assets, in the most prestigious international competitions in the world for its taste and quality. It is rightly considered as one of the most award-winning Greek organic unripe olive oils.

Agourelaio Early Harvest organic olive oil of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, has impressed even the most strict connoisseurs of high quality olive oil, while many Greek and foreign chefs trust it in their exceptional culinary creations. Authentic taste of unripe green olives, scents of nature, complex aromas, characteristics that make our Agourelaio Early Harvest a valuable extra virgin olive oil.

As an extra virgin organic olive oil it has a unique tasting identity, with distinct indicators of fruitiness, bitterness and spiciness, characteristic high intensity, emerald green color, particularly fruity character, with a palette of many fresh aromas of mainly freshly picked unripe green olives, grass, herbs but also harmonious notes of tropical fruits, bitter radish and peppery spice texture.

The tasting palette of the Agourelaio Early Harvest organic olive oil of Sakellaropoulos organic farms is completed by the freshness of the wild flowers declared by the intense long aftertaste combined with the complexity of nuts, leaving a pleasant spicy sense of taste, reminiscent of other times.

Agourelaio Early Harvest premium organic olive oil carries our persistent vision since 1992, the promotion of very high quality in the field of organic olive growing, belonging to the category of bio functional foods. As a single estate product from our farms, it is packaged exclusively in our modern packaging facilities that carry all the legal specifications, regarding food safety and hygiene (see more), while it is available only with through process of natural sedimentation (unfiltered).

Agourelaio Early Harvest - Premium Unripe Organic Evoo - Cold extracted

Unfiltered olive oil with 4 month natural sedimentation

  • AIPO 2022 Goccia Di Bronzo Award
  • Berlin Global Olive Oil awards 2022 SILVER
  • Aristoleo High Phenolic Awards 2022
  • Olivinus IOOC 2021 Grand Prestige Gold Award
  • Olympia High Phenolic Awards 2021
  • TerraOlivo 2021 Grand Prestige Gold
  • CANADA IOOC 2021 Gold Award
  • London IOOC 2021 Gold Award
  • Athena 2021
  • Anatolian 2021 Silver
  • EVOIOOC 2021
  • Berlin Global Olive Oil awards 2021 elite olive oils
  • Terraolivo 2020 Gold Award
  • London Iooc 2020 Silver
  • Evoiooc 2020 Silver
  • Olympia High Phenolic Olive Oil Awards 2020 Gold
  • Bronze Organic  Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards
  • Evoowr Evoo Of The Year 2019
  • Olivinus Iooc 2019 Campeones
  • Terraolivo 2019 Grand Prestige Gold
  • Evoiooc 2019 Silver Award Olive Oil
  • Nyiooc 2019 Silver Award New York
  • Olympia Award 2019 LOGO BRONZE
  • BIOL 2019 Silver Logo Olive Oil
  • terraolivo-2015 gold award
  • BioPress Top 25
  • Biol2015 Gold Organic
  • Biol 2014 Silver
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