Gemstone Blend Gourmet Flavored Evoo - Olive Oil Jewels

DescriptionThe olive oil "jewel" Gemstone blend evoo, belongs to the category of multicultural gourmet olive oils, where with the combination of its ingredients and the global uniqueness in its production, it is a tasting experience of high gastronomy, a delicious trip around the world.

Gemstone blend evoo is one of the leading multi-varietal "jewels" of the new series of innovative olive oils, Sakellaropoulos organic farms, called "Olive Oil Jewels".

Released in 2019, it was awarded worldwide, with its distinction as the No. 1 olive oil in the world for 2019.  


Premium Line Olive Oil Jewels

1st place worldwide for 2019

Sakellaropoulos organic farms are the first in Greece to officially produce premium gourmet 100% natural flavored olive oils with innovation and specialized expertise, since 1992.

After many years of research, Sakellaropoulos organic farms are the first producers in Greece who officially combined the rare natural ingredients, coming from all over the world, in olive oil, since 2013.

gemstone Premium evoo ginger lime basil flavored best top quality olive oil jewelsThey are the top multi-varietal olive oil "jewels", of high gastronomy that have the registered name "Olive Oil Jewels" and the quality seal of Sakellaropoulos organic farms.

The series "Olive Oil Jewels" is the leading creative expression of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, expanding new tasting horizons in Greek olive oil as a proposal of high gastronomy.

In 2019, with exclusively vertical self-production (single estate), innovative methods, combined with the tradition of the land but also with rare gourmet ingredients of excellent raw material from the corners of the world, the olive oil "jewel" Gemstone blend evoo was created for the first time, which belongs to the category of multicultural gourmet olive oils.

Gemstone blend evoo, as one of the Olive Oil Jewels, is a delicious gourmet olive oil experience, where with the rare combination of its ingredients and the specialized uniqueness in its production, it invites you on a journey to the flavors of the world of high gastronomy.

It belongs to the category of gourmet 100% natural flavored olive oils and differs greatly from the olive oils with additives, artificially flavored, known internationally as infused olive oils that are commonly marketed.

The production methodology that we have developed for many years at Sakellaropoulos organic farms is natural, innovative, requires a high level of expertise and combines fresh natural ingredients of globally recognized quality. In addition, the specialized style and scientific knowledge lead to the taste completion of the gourmet flavored olive oil "jewel" Gemstone blend evoo.

The result is a gourmet flavored olive oil, an olive oil "jewel", which combines many natural ingredients in olive oil and highlights many culinary creations, based on the quality of the raw material, the balance of taste of its ingredients and their proper management.

Its uniqueness also lies in the fact that it does not consist of a single ingredient, in relation to most flavored olive oils on the market, but of a mixture of six (6) ingredients that each offers, balanced and in different stages, the aromas and the flavors in a unique way, creating new tasting avenues for the Greek olive oil.

The ingredients of the gourmet flavored olive oil "jewel" Gemstone blend evoo, from which the very high degree of difficulty in production and final homogenization emerge, are:

Initially, the combination of three (3) different olive varieties it contains. Olives of Koroneiki, Athinoelia and Kalamata varieties, with different degrees of ripeness and biosynthesis, which balance the taste of the multi-varietal new olive oil in a harmonious way, providing Gemstone blend evoo with personality, identity and the most excellent quality characteristics of each variety.

gemstone Premium evoo ginger lime basil flavored best top quality olive oil jewelsFollowing the uniqueness of Gemstone blend evoo olive oil, is the natural addition of three wonderful natural ingredients from the global palette of aromas and flavors, ginger, lemon and basil.

The spicy ginger with its excellent properties, its multifaceted taste, which is at the same time spicy, sweet, but also acidic and citrusy, gives the characteristic touch to the Gemstone blend evoo olive oil.

The tropical lime provides mild acidity and soft tones of lemon blossoms together with a wonderful floral aroma of the field, creating the characteristic base in the taste of Gemstone blend evoo.

The fragrant basil with the characteristic sweet aroma and the strong taste, gives its own identity contributing to the aftertaste of Gemstone blend evoo. Several stages are required for its complete, balanced and tastefully distinct quality, which goes beyond the limits of a simple flavored olive oil.

Thus, the complete delicious "jewel" of the Sakellaropoulos organic farms has a superior category of organoleptic characteristics and prolonged complexity in the aftertaste.

Its high quality has exclusively to do with its internal content, with a simple and external appearance, almost Doric, addressed to the multicultural lovers of the exotic culinary flavors of the world.

It was recognized worldwide from the first year of its release, in 2019, in the largest tasting competitions in the world, peaking with a global uniqueness for Greek olive oil and Greek olive producer.

The 1st place in the world in its category, in the EVOOWR world ranking 2019, which counted and evaluated all the awarded olive oils (12.092 samples of olive oils) in the 31 international competitions of the whole year, from 34 countries.

It is one of the four world 1st place distinctions for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, in the most recognized EVOOWR world ranking of olive oils. At the same time, it is the first time that our country, Greece, reaches the 1st place in the world ranking of olive oils, for the second consecutive year, with two different olive oils from the same Greek olive producer.

The gourmet flavored olive oil "jewel" Gemstone blend evoo has been recognized and continues to be distinguished in the largest and most prestigious tasting competitions internationally, impressing the strictest connoisseurs of high quality gourmet olive oils around the world.

gemstone Premium evoo ginger lime basil flavored best top quality olive oil jewelsIt ranks among the global elite of gourmet foods. Some of its top international awards are:

Awarded a gold award in Italy, at the EVOO International Olive Oil Competition 2020.

It was honored with a gold award in Japan, at the Japan olive oil prize 2020.

It was distinguished with a Platinum Award in London, at the London olive oil competition 2020.

Awarded a gold award in Israel at the TerraOlivo International Olive Oil Competition 2020.

Awarded Platinum Award in Germany at the Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 2020.

It was honored with a gold award in Argentina, at the Olivinus international olive oil competition 2020, while the complete list of its awards is long.

Many Greek and foreign chefs use it in their cooking and confectionery, in extremely inspiring and enjoyable delicious creations of high quality.

The olive oil "jewel" Gemstone blend evoo, is the result of the persistent vision of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, in the emergence and evolution of the taste characteristics of olive oil in new paths of high gastronomy, with the new series "Olive Oil Jewels".

The focus and philosophy of the whole new series of "jewels" of olive oil with the signature of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, is exclusively the great value and the global uniqueness in their internal content, and not the packaging or the design, the marketing or the branding.

As a single estate and terroir olive product of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, it is packaged exclusively in our modern packaging facilities, with all the legal specifications for food safety and hygiene (see more).

Gemstone Blend Flavored olive oil - Multi-varietal - Superior Gourmet

Limited edition - Product of 5month natural sedimentation

  • Masters of Olive Oil 2022 Bronze award
  • AIPO 2022 Finalist
  • Berlin Global Olive Oil awards 2022 SILVER
  • Olivinus IOOC 2021 Gold Award
  • TerraOlivo 2021 Prestige Gold
  • CANADA IOOC 2021 Gold Award
  • London IOOC 2021 Gold Award
  • Athena 2021
  • Anatolian 2021 Gold
  • EVOIOOC 2021
  • JOOP 2021 Silver Award JAPAN
  • Berlin Global Olive Oil awards 2021 elite olive oils
  • Gta 2020 1 Star Logo
  • Japan Olive Oil Prize JooP 2020
  • Olymp Awards TASTE PLATINUM 2020
  • London Iooc 2020 Platinum
  • Athena 2020 GOLD LOGO
  • Evoiooc2020 Award Gold
  • Berlin GOOA Platinum 2020
  • EVOOWR 2019
  • Terraolivo 2019 Grand Prestige Gold
  • LONDON 2019 GOLD
  • Evoiooc 2019 Gold Logo
  • JOOP 2019 GOLD