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World Record of 85 awards with sales reaching Los Angeles – They put their soul into organic olive oil combating cardiovascular diseases, according to Harvard


With the incomparable record of 85 international awards, participation in significant university nutritional studies, such as Harvard, and export activity in 14 countries worldwide, Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms are undoubtedly an unprecedented success story which began its course in 1992 from the blessed land of Laconia.

The foundation for the setting up of the company, the planting and the original knowledge and expertise was created by George Sakellaropoulos, who, for decades and with great love for the olive cultivation, led Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms in Laconia to an innovative path of unique products and creations. The course of the company is continued today through the second generation, with Nick Sakellaropoulos, chemical engineer, who gives specific emphasis in the scientific background of the products and the collaboration with university studies and clinical research supported by the company.

ελαιώνες σακελλαρόπουλου βιολογικά ελαιόλαδα ελιές


νίκος σακελλαρόπουλος χημικός μηχανικός

Nick Sakellaropoulos

Organic first harvest oil and unripe olive oil, with unique aromas and gourmet characteristics, unripe and ripe table olives, unsalted olives with aromatic herbs, olives with orange, green olives with lemon, olives with apple, gourmet olives GOUSTO and olives with ouzo,  are only just a few of the products produced at Sakellaropoulos olive groves.

βιολογικές ελιές καλαμών bioarmonia

“Sharing our soul” is the motto of the company and not by chance, since every organic olive oil or olive and generally in every olive product you will find the creation and soul of its producer.

Γιώργος Σακελλαρόπουλος Ελαιόλαδα Ελιές Παραγωγός

George Sakellaropoulos

Today, George Sakellaropoulos presents, in MadeinGreece.news , his successful course in the olive production but also his multi awarded organic products, with their unique, scientifically proven, health beneficial properties.


  • In 1992, we consciously decided our emphasis would be in organic cultivation. We researched and analyzed, we took action and we accomplished it in the end, since we were one of the pioneers receiving certification for our organic cultivation and production from the organization BIO HELLAS (former SOGE).


  • Our vision was to create organic olive oil and olives of the highest quality which would be classified under the category of bio-functional foods and we have accomplished that.


  • We wanted to stand out and not to have our products bought by the masses. We wanted our products to be a conscious choice for the consumer.


  • Our flavored olive oils are one of the most innovative olive products there are, and are the first premium Greek flavored olive oils put on the market with label approval from EFET.


  • We are very proud of the rest of the products we created from our organic olive groves, such as our 11 different table olives, which are among one of the few on the market with natural fermentation, low or no salt and not pasteurized.


  • Our organic olives were selected to participate in the first global clinical study from EKPA and the 401 General Hospital with their scientific researchers, regarding the effects on human health while consuming these olives.


  • The organic olives from Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms which were selected for this study contained 1300 mg per kg of hydroxytyrosol and 560 mg per kg of tyrosol. Therefore, the daily intake of only 5 of these olives offers 25 mg of hydroxytyrosol and 10 mg of tyrosol.


  • Also, significant is the participation of our olive oil in the research conducted by the School of Public Health at Harvard University for the next three years.


  • In our cultivation, there is a daily collaboration with nature, which gives our olive oil products unique flavor and high organoleptic characteristics with the main one being the achievement of high quality.


  • We number 85 international awards for quality and taste from the top international competitions worldwide as of 2012.


  • The number of these awards in international competitions from Tokyo to Los Angeles result in a world record of awards received by a Greek producer who cultivates and produces solely his own olive oil production.


  • Exports are being made in 14 countries, primarily in the U.S.A., England, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Norway as well as other countries.


χειροποίητη συλλογή ελιών βιολογικές

εξαιρετικό παρθένο ελαιόλαδο

What is the story behind the creation of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms?When and how did everything begin, stages, motives, inspiration?


Initially, we must say that Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms are located at the foot of the Taygetus and Parnonas mountain range, near the town of Sparta, Laconia, in an area where, since ancient times, the ideal conditions were created for the cultivation of the sacred olive tree.


Our story begins in 1992. That is when we started to plant, by conscious choice, the Koroneiki variety olives for the production of olive oil and the Kalamata olives for the production of table olives. Nevertheless, our restless spirit and our love for what we do,  didn’t leave us at a standstill. We wanted to offer more in the olive oil industry and so we decided to make our cultivation and production organic. We searched, analyzed, took action and finally achieved it since we were one of the pioneers who received certification for our organic cultivation from the organization Bio Hellas. Our business model is based on vertically integrated production, exclusively from our own olive groves, while that which categorizes us is our passion for our constant quest for perfection.

ΑΡΜΟΝΙΑ έξτρα παρθένο ελαιόλαδο βιολογικό βραβευμένο

ενσταγμα λάδι με σαφράν αρωματικό γκουρμέ

Our vision was to create organic olive oils and olives of high quality which are classified under the category of bio functional food and we managed to achieve it. This means that they contain significant benefits for the human body way beyond the usual nutritional value. We had and continue to have faith in what we do. Our goal, from the very beginning, is to produce the best olive oil and olives. The best there is. And that is a matter of value and not of figures. We want to stand out with closed eyes and not have our products bought by the masses blindly. We prefer to be a conscious choice for the consumer and not by chance.


NEW YORK φυλλικόν πρωτόλαδο πρωτέλαιο έξτρα παρθένο

So today, you are presenting us with bio functional olive products with unique nutritional value. Tell us about them, and their unique characteristics, quality and taste.

The “secret”, if you will, of the success we have acquired until today is our attempt to combine the many years of experience and tradition with modern day technology offering products of high gastronomy and simultaneously very rich in beneficial health protective properties.

Looking at our products, I will begin by mentioning our organic First Harvest oil and Unripe olive oil, Premium Limited Edition, which are the first to circulate officially in the Greek market with label approval from the EFET, and it is worth knowing that they are classified in a category that until then did not exist in the Greek market.

πρασινες ελιες με λεμονι βιολογικες

τελιες ελιες καλαμων gourmet


 ελιές gousto πρασινες και μαυρες καλαμων

Aside from our organic olive oil, we are very proud of the rest of our olive products which are created from our olive trees such as our 11 different organic Kalamata olives and green olives, which are one of the few on the market with natural fermentation, without salt (Unsalted) or with low salt, and unpasteurized, while they require great expertise and scientific monitoring in order to achieve this level of quality. We have another different approach with our cold extracted St. John’s wort oil which we produce. Naturally infused, dermatologically tested, with organic olive oil of our production, classified as one of the highest quality St. John’s wort oil.

κεραλοιφή με τριαντάφυλλο

κεραλοιφή με ρόδι


σαπούνι ελαιολάδου με εκχύλισμα ροδιού


σαπούνι με ελαιόλαδο και κανέλλα


Our natural cosmetic line, under the name of Esthique Natural Cosmetics, is based on our organic olive oil and our St. John’s wort oil, and has all the legal requirements. They are produced  by Athanasia Kanara-Sakellaropoulou, cosmetologist. With precious oils and extracts, dermatologically tested, European certifications and natural ingredients, our St. John’s wort oil wax creams and our natural handmade soaps, are our latest products, where, after many years of trial and research are now on the market.


βαλσαμέλαιο σπαθόλαδο βιολογικό άθερμο φυσικό

Many of your products have been used for scientific studies and research from the university community. They have even gone as far as Harvard University. What are the conclusions from these particular studies?

Indeed, our products are a subject for study in significant research conducted by some of the greatest universities worldwide and the fact that we are able to do our share in contributing to the improvement of health and quality of life makes us very proud. One such significant study regarding the health benefits of the olive fruit was presented by Dr. Martha -Spiridoula Katsarou , postdoctoral researcher, at the scientific  congress of the International Oleocanthal Society, which took place in the ancient city of Olympia, with the participation of many scientists from many universities worldwide. This particular study was conducted at the 401 General Military Hospital under her supervision with many scientists specializing in many fields. Dr. Katsarou explained how the consumption of olives could affect the cholesterol level and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The phenolic analysis of the olive fruit was conducted by Dr. Prokopio Magiatis using the NMR method (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) along with his team of researchers led by Dr. Meliou, which consisted of: Vlahou, Liaskoni, Kalogridi,Demertzi and Drakouli.

βαλσαμικές ελιές ξύδι φαινόλες βιολογικές

The 60 day 1st International Clinical Study consisted of 20 healthy adults from the ages of 22-65 years old, who were not taking any pharmaceutical medication at that particular time.  Many types of Greek organic olives were tested for this study, and the Kalamata olives Valsamikes were chosen, which are produced at Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, since they were found to have a five time higher concentration of hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol from the rest of the olives tested. The average content of hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol generally, in olives which are produced in Greece, and have been analyzed from the University of Athens are: 244 mg per kg of hydroxytyrosol and 134 mg per kg of tyrosol. The organic olives chosen from Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms for this study contained 1300 mg per kg of hydroxytyrosol and 560 mg per kg of tyrosol, 2 of the most powerful health protective properties. Therefore, the daily consumption of only 5 of these olives offers 25 mg of hydroxytyrosol and 10 mg of tyrosol.


βραβεύσεις aristoleo αριστολεο φαινόλες φαινολικά

Amplifying and confirming the results of this study, the competition of high phenolic olives,  Aristoleo High Phenolic Olive Awards, has awarded us with many continuous distinctions the last few years, reaching 1st place in 2017 and 2018 (OVERALL GOLD), for the olives with the highest concentration of phenolic  health beneficial properties which have been clinically studied worldwide. Specific referral regarding the study and primarily the results has been from the Huffington Post in the U.S.A. in the article here and here.

Significant also, is the participation of our olive oils in the research conducted by the School of Public Health of Harvard University for the next three years. The study, FEEDING AMERICA’S BRAVEST-Interventional Study Mediterranean Diet, which is conducted under the supervision of Dr. Stephanos Kales team, doctor of Labor Medicine and substitute professor at the School of Public Health at Harvard, and has already begun with over 1000 firefighter volunteers in 44 fire stations in the U.S.A.

harvard feeding americas bravest study sakellaropoulos

The goal is to prove that changing dietary habits, with scientifically proven methods, in groups of people with a high risk of disease during their working hours, such as firefighters, that the risk  is reduced in especially high and exceptional rates.

The organic olive oil from Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, which has acquired the most international awards for quality and taste, is a participant in this particular research study as of January 2018 applying it daily in the research diet of the volunteer firefighters. A significant factor in this whole research and study is that it is conducted with a large number of volunteers under the supervision of Harvard University and specifically the School of Public Health. More information regarding the study here.


γιωργος σακελλαροπουλος παραγωγος ελαιολαδου ελιών βιολογικά

Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms is a collector of awards and certifications. Tell us about the most important ones. What is the secret to your success?

I always wanted organic olive products which have identity and with prime characteristics being the high quality and specialized expertise on our production while the basic criteria of our products is the taste and their acknowledgement from expert tasters worldwide. Our effort to achieve this throughout the years has been sealed with a series of international awards and certifications. The certification of our organic production is conducted from the certification organization Bio-Hellas according to all the European rules and regulations regarding organic agriculture.

In agreement with the standards of ISO 22000:2005, regarding health and safety products, we apply the quality management system HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). Our facilities have been approved by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Also, our company is recognized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of the U.S.A.

In our cultivation, a daily collaboration with nature has evolved, which enhances our olive products with unique taste and high organoleptic characteristics, as our goal is the achievement of the highest quality.

MAJESTIC ελαιόλαδο αρωματικό αρωματισμένο


αρωματικά flavored ελαιόλαδα βιολογικά


Regarding the awards, we have been honored with 85 international awards for quality and taste at some of the top international competitions worldwide as of 2012. Consequently, just yesterday we were informed that we received the latest award for our organic olive oil Majestic Blend Evoo at the Terraolivo competition. This is the second greatest competition worldwide which took place in Jerusalem, Israel, and we received the Prestige Gold award.

Even though we had begun many years before, we had not been tested in international competitions before 2012, because I wanted to be absolutely sure that our olive products have reached the highest level of quality and so this required many years of trial and error, which in the end became our ally during the course of our journey. The number of awards in international competitions from Tokyo to Los Angeles constitutes a world record of awards for a Greek producer, who cultivates and produces exclusively his own olive products.


βιολογικά ελαιόλαδα βραβευμένα σακελλαρόπουλος

ένσταγμα αρωματικό λάδι

αρμονια biol silver βραβείο ελαιόλαδο

Here is an indication of some of the most significant awards we have received:

    • Ranking EVOOWR: One of our greatest distinctions. For 2017, our flavored evoo gourmet olive oil SYLLEKTIKON reached 2nd place worldwide in its category at the EVOOWR, the renowned olive oil ranking word wide.


    • Great Taste Awards LONDONInternational competition with over 12,000 participants every year, which is followed by many participating countries. In this competition, we have been honored with 21 awards in total, with 6 awards in 2013 for our products, a world record for a Greek producer.


    • BIOL ITALY: The greatest international competition for organic olive oil (exclusively) which takes place in Italy with a large number of participations from all over the world. In this competition, we have been awarded four times with a gold medal and six times with a silver medal, a total of ten times in the last few years.


    • TERRAOLIVO ISRAEL: One of the greatest competitions in the world with a 9/10 ranking at the EVOOWR. In this competition, which has over 700 participations, we have been honored many times in high places, with the best being 1st place with the award BEST FLAVORED EVOO for our premium flavored evoo OLEOASTRON.


    • New York International Olive Oil CompetitionAn international competition with over 1000 participations every year. It takes place in New York and we have been honored with 2 silver awards for FYLLIKON cold extracted organic first harvest oil with a very high score for 2016 and 2018.



Competitions with great prestige worldwide which we have also participated in and have been aware many times:


1. Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition

2. Japan Olive Oil Prize και Olive Japan Competition – the two greatest competitions in Japan where in the first competition we were awarded the Gold medal for FYLLIKON cold extracted organic first harvest oil in 2018

3. International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) in Brussels

4. EVOOIOOC – the competition with the greatest prestige in Italy


We have created the site »Made in Greece.news». How Greek is your creation?

Our company belongs exclusively to the Sakellaropoulos Family, since it is a pure Greek business, with operation and production conducted exclusively in our country and specifically at our privately owned organic olive groves in Sparta, even though we mostly export.


ωλεωαστρων αρωματικό ελαιόλαδο flavored evoo


Which is the biggest market that you are active in? To which countries do you export?

The production of the olive groves, which usually reaches 90%, is exported in different countries. Always in standard packaging, with all the necessary certifications and product labels. We export to 14 countries, in the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Australia, England, France, Norway and many others. Because of all the export activity, there are only a few places in the Greek market where our products can be found. That is why we have created a direct service line for our clients where we can inform them where they can find our products nearest to them. Otherwise, we can send our products throughout the country via courier.


λακωνια σακελλαροπουλος παραγωγή ελαιολάδου ελιών


What are your dreams for the future? What else is there to “conquer”?

Our common thoughts and dreams for the future is to continue to produce even more innovative products, high quality organic olive oil and olives,  which will clearly belong in the category of made in Greece, high quality, and will contribute to the improvement of the consumer’s health. With scientific study and research, to continue to demonstrate the words of Socrates “Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine”. With continual effort, self-improvement and education, but mainly not to lose our goal, and to remain faithsul to ourselves and our beliefs, just like when we first started, creating the Sharing our Soul in combination with Taste the difference.




george sakellaropoulos olives olive oil

George Sakellaropoulos

“I began the olive cultivation exclusively organic about 26 years ago, with enough awareness of this particular type of cultivation. I chose the best olive variety which I then cultivated, the Koroneiki for olive oil and the Kalamata for table olives, after enough research and study of the soil and climatic conditions of my area, in Sparta, Laconia. I wanted my organic olive produce to have specific identity and the highest of quality. I put forward my inspiration and passion to all my effort, my “self”, as I tend to say, I functioned acknowledging that I didn’t know everything and that I really wanted to learn in depth. Without copying any other, even foreigners, I created very unique olive oil and olives, giving my identity to everything produced, while I educated myself in many areas of the olive cultivation.

I denied the easy road, I turned down tempting proposals, I was initiated slowly but stably in the organic cultivation, while I educated others around me, from plain employees to my associates in Greece and abroad, in the unique way that Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms was created, with quality.

In my humble opinion, beyond education, observation, specialization, hard work with passion, what I would call my “secret” and would like to pass on to the next generation is the passion for the pursuit of perfection and  the inspiration from the first morning breath at the olive groves, in nature.”


Website: bioarmonia.gr
Facebook: @SakellaropoulosOrganic
Instagram: @sakellaropoulos_organic

Source: madeingreece.news


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