Enstagma - Premium Gourmet Flavored Olive Oil

DescriptionThe premium flavored olive oil Enstagma, is a natural tasting trilogy, an innovative series that harmoniously combines saffron with olive oil, in three flavor variations that require delicate handling during production with specialized expertise.

It combines Koroneiki olives, saffron, rosemary and sage with uniqueness that highlights culinary creations. It belongs to the category of premium gourmet 100% natural flavored olive oils. It is an award-winning olive oil with many gold distinctions.

Sakellaropoulos organic farms are the first in Greece to officially produce and package premium gourmet natural flavored olive oils with a specialized expertise.  


Gourmet Flavored Olive Oil

Premium Trilogy

Sakellaropoulos organic farms, in Sparta, Laconia, since 1992, have created the first Greek terroir with certified organic cultivation, vertical production and approved packaging according to Greek and international standards.

After several years of effort, Sakellaropoulos organic farms since 1992, are the first producers in Greece to officially combine the unique natural ingredients in olive oil, creating, producing and packaging premium gourmet 100% natural flavored olive oils, with innovation and specialized expertise.

Premium Flavored Evoo with saffron extra virgin greek enstagmaWith exclusively vertical self-production (single estate), innovative methods, combined with the tradition of the land but also scientific knowledge, the trilogy of Enstagma premium olive oil was released, which belongs to the category of 100% natural flavored olive oils.

It is very different from the olive oils with additives, artificially flavored, known internationally as infused olive oils that are usually marketed. The production methodology that we have developed for many years in Sakellaropoulos organic farms is natural, innovative, requires a high level of expertise, and combines natural ingredients with specialized scientific knowledge, leading to the tasting completion of the high quality trilogy of Enstagma gourmet olive oil.

The result is a unique gourmet flavored olive oil in three versions that combines the exquisite saffron in the organic extra virgin olive oil in the following variations:

Enstagma gourmet olive oil with saffron
Enstagma gourmet olive oil with saffron and sage
Enstagma gourmet olive oil with saffron and rosemary

With these three options, many culinary creations stand out, based on the quality of the raw materials, the taste balance of their ingredients but also the proper management during the production process and their final homogenization, which requires very delicate handling.

The uniqueness of the gourmet olive oil Enstagma also lies in the rarity of its ingredients and for this reason it is a trilogy of flavored olive oils of very limited production.

The ingredients of the gourmet olive oil of Enstagma are the semi-ripe Koroneiki olives, handpicked, with simultaneous quality sorting before the olive mill, the wonderful and rare saffron that has strong antioxidant properties and micronutrients, as well as a large complex of vitamins that boost our natural defenses against free radicals.

The delicious ingredients of the gourmet Enstagma olive oil are complemented by rosemary and sage, creating a unique balanced taste palette of flavored olive oil.

Premium Flavored Evoo with saffron extra virgin greek enstagmaIt is usually produced from the beginning to the end of November and the final process of its homogenization is extremely important, it lasts 5 months and requires a special approach with great specialization, in order to complete the final very high quality of the gourmet olive oil Enstagma premium.

All these quality standards are an innovation that has been developed for many years by Sakellaropoulos organic farms. Their combination gives the premium gourmet Enstagma olive oil characteristic intensity, golden color, superior taste characteristics, rich taste, fruity character of herbs and rare complexity in its aftertaste.

The gourmet flavored olive oil Enstagma of Sakellaropoulos organic farms has been recognized internationally in prestigious tasting competitions, impressing the connoisseurs of high quality gourmet olive oils around the world, who rank it in the global elite of gourmet foods. Their top international awards for 2020 are:

Grand Prestige Gold Award at the Olivinus international olive oil competition 2020 in Argentina.
Gold Award at the Terraolivo international olive oil competition 2020 in Israel.
Gold award in Japan, at the Japan olive oil competition 2020.
Gold award in London, at the London olive oil competition 2020.

It has also received a great honorary distinction with the Gold Star award "Superior Taste iTQi", of the world-famous International Taste Quality Institute 2016, in Brussels, organized by the prestigious International Taste and Quality Institute.

The "iTQi Superior Taste Award" is the seal of quality in taste given by 120 Michelin star chefs and connoisseurs.

The gourmet flavored olive oil Enstagma premium, apart from the connoisseurs of high quality olive oil competitions, has impressed the culinary experts in gourmet creations.

Many Greek and foreign chefs use it in their cooking and their confectionery, in extremely inspiring and enjoyable delicious creations of high quality.

The gourmet flavored olive oil Enstagma is the result of our persistent vision since 1992, in highlighting the innovation and evolution of high quality gourmet olive oils, through the combination of its natural ingredients.

As a single estate organic olive oil of Sakellaropoulos organic farms, it is packaged exclusively in our modern packaging facilities that have all the legal specifications for food safety and hygiene (see more).

Naturally flavored olive oil - Enstagma Superior gourmet - Limited edition

Cold extracted - Unfiltered with natural 5 month sedimentation

  • Olivinus IOOC 2021 Prestige Gold Award
  • TerraOlivo 2021 Prestige Gold
  • Canada IOOC 2021 Silver Award
  • London IOOC 2021 Gold Award
  • Athena 2021
  • Anatolian 2021 Bronze
  • EVOIOOC 2021
  • Berlin Global Olive Oil awards 2021 elite olive oils
  • Terraolivo 2020 Gold Award
  • Japan Olive Oil Prize JooP 2020
  • London Iooc 2020 Gold
  • Evoiooc 2020 Silver
  • Olivinus 2019 Gold International Competition Awards
  • Evoiooc 2019 Silver Award Olive Oil
  • OlympTaste Gold 2017
  • OlympTaste Silver 2017
  • ITQI 2015 Star Gold